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We're Growing

We're growing to expand our services and develop new product lines. After over seventy years in Mexico City, we've consolidating our facilities and upgraded to our new 300,000 sq. ft. factory outside the city. Construction is complete and we're excited. You should be too. Because you'll be getting that same world-class service you've come to expect from us along with a new cadre of wound care, compression, sports medicine, combat sports and lymphedema products. Ambra Le Roy also moved to a new sales and distribution headquarters in Charlotte, NC to help our customers manage inventories and improve supply chain movement. 

We're streamlined and hyper-efficient. We're outfitted with new equipment and capabilities. Now we are one of the few medical textile manufactures in North America capable of sterile packaging and on-site sterilization.  Stay tuned for our new products in 2017.